The Band

Thekla Gaiti (vocals)
Charalambos Parisis (el. violin/synths)
Andromeda Sfakianou (vocals/synths)
Chris Kondos
Chris Kondos (drums)
Helias Fylactos (Bass/Guitars/Percussion)
Helias Fylactos as maker


Perseus Dream came as an idea back in 2010 by Helias Fylactos as a personal project. As Perseas was in love with Andromeda the name of the project was easy to be conceived after meeting vocalist Andromeda Sfakianou.

Embracing influences from 60s psychedelic ,rock ,jazz, electro , trance, trip hop, punk, metal he makes music from the heart with no limitations referring to genres, producing a very unique sound.

This becomes much more interesting when comes the time of a live performance where every musician at the gig feels free to contribute with his one style, influence and feelings in the pieces and leads to a whole new experience.


Perseus was a hero in ancient Greek mythology in which he killed the monstrous Medusa Yet the meaning lies deeper than the obvious . I believe that he made a change in the world. Not the world as a whole, that is impossible to be achieved by one person, but the way world was perceived by society those days. Back to myth then, he killed Medusa and gave her head as a gift to Athena , protector goddess of cities . Medusa was protecting the boundaries between the known and the unknown world . With this killing the myth teaches us that Perseus put an end to this and there was finally no philosophical issue, not even death or life, that humans could not explore. And so , the god-monstrous theory was replaced by philosophy and arts , something greater like human beings are or they should be. Maybe we cannot change the world directly, but we will change the way we are living for the better . We cannot stop breathing children but we can raise them to become better than us . We should not love or care for one race of humans but for all of them ,for all of us.

Perseus Dream

Friends and Contributors!
Katerina Liaki (piano,synths), Chris Zelelidis (drums), Andreas Paraskevas (Lyrics), Konstantinos Delioglou (piano/ synths), Semina Panigiropoulou (vocals/ piano)