Perseus Dream

Voyage to the end of the world

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Perseus Dream

Voyage to the end of the world

Gods sent demons and beasts to hold their world apart. Protect what is yet a secret and not to be found by any man.

The monstrous Medusa is holding up her ground at the end of the world leaving no human creature to seek the truth of the unknown so the world have fallen into the dark.

She turns into stone any man that look her in the eye and poisons the trespassers who dare not to tremple infront of her view.

Fear oppress human nature, thoughts and believes. Men kill each other, rule lands by the sword and fire.

Perseus driven by injustice against him and his family he seeks for the monstrous Medusa with purpose to hold her deadly, even after death, head as a weapon and release his wrath to the tyrant.

What he is going to find out is that by killing Medusa the so called protector of the unknown world, he will let the intellect free to transmit to another era. The era of science, philosophy and art.

But still people are killing each other. Men rule land by the sword and fire.

Will the humanity overcame the dark ages and turn into the light of Perseus?

We have the power ...